How Yoga For Diarrhea Heal Digestive Issues

Believe it or not, gut feeling is one of the strongest feelings in the world. It makes you aware of anything unusual in your life as well as in your body. So, to have a strong gut, you should have a perfectly working digestive system. For that matter, yoga for diarrhea could be the best option available. Poor digestion is one of the symptoms of IBS.

Before getting into how to practice yoga for diarrhea, let’s understand what could be the cause of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). A person suffering from IBS faces sudden cramps in the stomach, pain, untimely bowel movements, and much more. Thus, healing IBS automatically heals your complete digestive tract. Learn more.

What is IBS?

More than 45 million people in the US are affected by IBS. Further, it includes bloating, gas, constipation, or diarrhea. Furthermore, it leads to unpredictable digestive behavior that keeps you in jeopardy. Hence, it leads to stress and mental pressure.

Research shows the people suffering from IBS have no physical damage in their intestines, abdominal muscles, or colon. Rather, it is more about how their central nervous system corresponds with the digestive system.

With that being said, let’s explore different yoga poses to work on your abdominal muscles, particularly on your stomach ailments. Read on.

Simple Poses of Yoga For Diarrhea

Gate Pose

Kneel on your knees with your spine in a neutral position. From there, stretch your left leg out such that your right knee is on the ground. However, your left leg is straightened on the side. From there, place your left hand on your thigh while tilting a little to your left side.

Once you are comfortable, raise your right hand over your head and maintain this stance for long period. Once done, repeat on the other side while kneeling on your left knee. This pose engages your core and oblique muscles. Hence, it strengthens your core muscles and heals digestive issues.

Half Seated Spinal Twist

Choose a comfortable sitting place and sit comfortably with your legs extended in front of you. Slowly fold your left leg and let your left foot crouch under your right thigh. From there, raise your right foot and move it across the left folded leg.

Once that is done, move your upper half towards the right side. It stretches out your left lower back and hip muscles. Furthermore, then keep your right leg under and left leg over and turn towards the left side. It stretches your other side and stomach lining.

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Reclining Spinal Twist

For this pose, you might need some yoga blankets or yoga blocks. Then, lie on your back on a soft surface. Then, make a ‘T’ with your arms while keeping your spine flat on the ground. Slowly bring your left leg over to your right side. Keep your right leg straight and look towards your left side.

Make sure your left knee touches the floor on your right side. Hold that position for some time and return to a neutral lying position. Then, do the exact with your right leg while looking on the right side. This pose of yoga for diarrhea massages your intestinal lining for better digestion and gut health.

Supported Bridge Pose

You can practice different variations of this pose. Since you might be suffering from pain in various stomach regions, you can place a yoga blanket under your hips. Further, fold your legs to place your feet on the ground to support your lower back and stomach region.

Slowly raise your stomach without putting much stress on your core. In the other variation of this pose, you can simply place more than one yoga bolster under your lower back. This will raise your stomach in the air while stretching it out.

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Happy Baby Pose

One of the easiest and effective poses of yoga for diarrhea is the happy baby pose. Lie on a yoga mat on your back while breathing in a normal way. Then, bring your legs up and let them touch your stomach. Further, hold your thighs by putting your arms under them.

This pose opens your colon, helps in the easy passing of gas, cures constipation, and massages your intestines.


To have a strong body and mind, you need a perfectly working stomach. However, a single stomach issue can completely disrupt your whole balance. Therefore, keep practicing the above-given yoga poses to have an iron gut and digestive tract. Hence, you live an easy life when you incorporate yoga into your routine.

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