How Yoga For Diarrhea Heal Digestive Issues

Believe it or not, gut feeling is one of the strongest feelings in the world. It makes you aware of anything unusual in your life as well as in your body. So, to have a strong gut, you should have a perfectly working digestive system. For that matter, yoga for diarrhea could be the bestContinue reading “How Yoga For Diarrhea Heal Digestive Issues”

How to Start Practicing Yoga For Overweight Beginners

Getting started is always the toughest part of a journey. As an overweight beginner, you need to take extra care before starting a yoga practice. This is to ensure you do not fall victim to any injury. Furthermore, yoga practice for a bigger body can be very challenging. So, you need a proper plan toContinue reading “How to Start Practicing Yoga For Overweight Beginners”

Yogic Diet Plan: A Beginners’ Guide

What you eat plays a major role in how well you perform physically and mentally. If you stuff your body with junk food, you will become lethargic and fat. However, if you eat healthy and wholesome food, your body becomes active, faster, and strong. Ever wondered how yoga practitioners are so fit and healthy. ThatContinue reading “Yogic Diet Plan: A Beginners’ Guide”

Treat Bad Knee With These Yoga Poses

It doesn’t matter if you are 13 or 65 years old, knee pain can occur during any age. The most common reasons for knee pain are ruptured ligament or a torn cartilage. Apart from this, preexisting medical conditions like arthritis, infections, and gout among others only worsen the problem. One way to deal with thisContinue reading “Treat Bad Knee With These Yoga Poses”

Get A Flawless Skin With These Yoga Poses

Around the world, yoga is known for its stress-busting and strength-building benefits. However, very less is known about how it benefits your skin. Yoga is slow movement which helps your body detoxify and improve your respiratory system. This sacred art lubricates your joints, strengthens muscles, and balance hormones. In other words, practicing specific yoga forContinue reading “Get A Flawless Skin With These Yoga Poses”

Top Reasons to Practice Yoga For Gym Rats

A gym could be one of the best ways to become healthy and fit. However, that’s not the only way. For some, the gym could come in the way of their progress. Furthermore, it could work in the opposite direction from your goal. So, what is the solution then? Including yoga for gym addicts isContinue reading “Top Reasons to Practice Yoga For Gym Rats”

Fight White Hair With These Yoga Asanas

A common problem you might face during your late 20s is unnatural hair whitening or premature graying. If you start to lose hair before your 30s it is mostly the changing lifestyle or genetic problems which are the culprit. White hair is a problem that affects you despite age and gender. However, that does notContinue reading “Fight White Hair With These Yoga Asanas”

How Yoga Alliance Approved Training Is All You Need

Looking forward to having yoga training? If so, then keep in mind that the yoga course of your choice should be registered with the Yoga Alliance, USA. Why so? Well, there are countless reasons why you need to have yoga alliance approved training. A few of the many things that make yoga alliance a go-toContinue reading “How Yoga Alliance Approved Training Is All You Need”

The 5 Benefits of Yoga Alliance Membership

Newly certified yoga teachers have many questions in mind and one of these is – If earning a Yoga Alliance Certification is worth it? There are yoga courses that talk about having a Yoga Alliance membership. It is essential to know everything about what this organization does for the yoga community around the world. ForContinue reading “The 5 Benefits of Yoga Alliance Membership”

Things To Keep In Mind In A Yoga Teacher Certification

Don’t you think that things need to be planned before taking the desired action? Not just it improves the overall performance but also ensures perfection. Similarly, you need to plan before enrolling in a yoga teacher certification, so that, you can learn better. Another benefit would be that you won’t be feeling lost or overwhelmedContinue reading “Things To Keep In Mind In A Yoga Teacher Certification”

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