Know Everything About Yoga Alliance Certification

In the 21st century, it just feels like every second person is a certified yoga instructor or in other words, has yoga alliance certification. You might be wondering how to go ahead with this like any other yoga practitioner in existence. If you are an absolute beginner or dedicated yoga practitioner, chances are that youContinue reading “Know Everything About Yoga Alliance Certification”

5 Guidelines To Keep In Mind During Ashtanga Yoga

There’s no easy way to say this, but Ashtanga yoga is in fact really hard. For absolute yoga newbies, practicing Ashtanga yoga might seem intimidating and challenging, but once you start practicing it on a regular basis, you’ll forget all about the hard work it made you do. Although ample resources have been used toContinue reading “5 Guidelines To Keep In Mind During Ashtanga Yoga”

What is Yoga Vinyasa Good For?

Moving seamlessly from one yoga pose to the other, maintaining a perfect flow is what you get to witness while practicing yoga vinyasa. With abundant sequences, no two yoga classes ever imitate each other. It provides you a never-ending variety and a scope for experimentation in the practice. However, many doubt about what exactly yogaContinue reading “What is Yoga Vinyasa Good For?”

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