The 5 Benefits of Yoga Alliance Membership

Newly certified yoga teachers have many questions in mind and one of these is – If earning a Yoga Alliance Certification is worth it? There are yoga courses that talk about having a Yoga Alliance membership. It is essential to know everything about what this organization does for the yoga community around the world.

For starters, the first condition to becoming a Yoga Alliance member is to clear a Yoga Teacher Training course from a Yoga Alliance RYS (Registered Yoga School). It helps you become a Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher.) If you are someone with an interest in understanding Hatha Yoga or any particular yoga asana then a yoga alliance certification makes sense.

Firstly, You should know how Yoga Alliance helps you become the best yoga teacher and increase the likelihood of employment.

How Yoga Alliance Helps

Yoga Alliance is the governing body regulating yoga teacher training programs around the world. For you to become a certified yoga teacher it is necessary to complete a course that follows the standards set by Yoga Alliance.

Your chances of being hired by a yoga school or studio increase with a yoga alliance certification as it ensures the employer about zero risks of an injury during the session.

With that said, it is time we take a look at the five major benefits of becoming a Yoga Alliance member.

The Perks of Yoga Alliance Membership

You should know that Yoga Alliance offers you many benefits apart from setting the base for future employment as a certified yoga teacher.

Let us check out what these are.

1. Continued Learning

Becoming a member of Yoga Alliance provides you the sources to continue yoga education. These sources include online articles, videos, and other learning material. You have the opportunity to learn yoga philosophy, asanas, and the right teaching methodology. Yoga Alliance keeps you updated about any latest industry trends or yoga-related scientific research.

2. Chance to Enlist in Yoga Directory

A Yoga Alliance membership helps increase the chances of employment by helping you create a profile as a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) or Registered Yoga School (RYS). You can post the credentials of yoga teacher training courses in this directory to share with potential employers. It is the best marketing platform that makes you stand out in the yoga community.

3. The Community Connection

Earning a yoga alliance certification opens up the doors to become an active member of the online yoga community. You can interact with other yoga practitioners and take part in yoga meet-ups or other social events.

4. Access to Yoga Products and Services

By becoming an active member of Yoga Alliance you can get support from the yoga community. You get help with liability insurance, natural herbs and supplements, and everything about yoga.

5. Join the Yoga Alliance Foundation

The Yoga Alliance Foundation works towards broadening access to Yoga’s healing powers, spread equality, and offer economic help to yoga teachers. It is highly beneficial for you if you require emergency funds for continuing to teach yoga classes.


Yoga Alliance helps you become not only a certified yoga teacher but also ensures the learning never stops. Earning a yoga alliance certification opens up the doors of employment opportunities, in-depth knowledge, and also spread yoga knowledge to others.

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